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This site is for web site owners who are looking for the best affiliate program to boost their revenue.
Merchant Web Sites :
Earning per Sale
(UK £):
MotorQuote Direct UK Merchant web site £30
HomeQuote Direct UK Merchant web site £25
  Earning per Click*
(UK pence):
Happy Home Insurance UK Merchant web site 30p
Happy Credit Card UK Merchant web site 30p
First Travel Insurance UK Merchant web site 20p
Golden Mortgage UK Merchant web site 7p
Fast Cash Today UK Merchant web site 5p
Mobile Phone Shop UK Merchant web site 5p
* Unique Visitor

This web site is here to help web site owners profit from our pay per sale and pay per click affiliate program.

How do I join?
Join our affiliate program here

What is ?
Qwertytrade is owned and managed by Spectra Ltd.. Some of the merchant sites are also owned by Spectra Ltd but we also operate affiliate schemes for outside merchants that are not owned or operated by Spectra. If you are a web site owner, you can share in Spectra's success.

How can I make money with my web site ?
Our affiliate program pays web site owners a commision for either:
every Unique Visitor referred from your affiliate website to the QwertyTrade merchant website(s). (pay per click)
every sale made from Unique Visitors referred from your affiliate website to the QwertyTrade merchant website(s). (pay per sale)

What do I need to Link to the QwertyTrade merchant web sites ?
You can Link to any of the QwertyTrade web sites using our sample HTML Link Code for pay per click merchants, and / or get your unique code for pay per sale merchants here and start earning straight away. You can link to any or all of the affiliate program web sites. The more Links you put on your web site(s), and the more prominant they are, the more you will earn. Images (Gifs) available here.

How do you know how many people click on the Link ?

We record 'referrer URLs' from all visitors (data that the visitor's browser sends containing the URL that was used to end up at the web site) to the QwertyTrade merchant web sites. Once you have registered the URL of your web site(s), we cross reference your URL(s) with our referrer URL data which gives us the number of click-throughs from your web site(s). This method ensures the most honest and accurate count of click-throughs (visitors do not have to set cookies to be tracked). It also makes it easier for you to link to our web sites, as no unique code is required.

How do you know how many sales have been made from the Link?
Pay per sales links will require a unique tracking code so the sales can be tracked and correctly attributed to you by the merchant. You can get your unique code for pay per sale merchants here.

How will you pay me ?
Payment is delivered as a cheque to your postal address. We run a report on all affiliates at the beginning of the month and payment is sent by cheque (with a statement of earnings) in the first week of each month to all affliates who have earned over £5. If you have not received payment, this will be because you have not reached £5 - however, you can request a statement from us (Live reporting of results will be available in the near future) Every three months (January, April, July & October) we have a "clear out" and pay all affiliates who have a balance of £1 or more. All payments are in UK Stirling (pounds and pence)

All requests to become an affiliate are subject to review; if your web site content is obscene, offensive, or illegal, you may be removed from the program. We reserve the right to retain payment of affiliates deemed to be unsuitable.

More Frequently Asked Questions

QwertyTrade is owned and operated by
Spectra Ltd.
, 33 Charlotte Street, London W1T 1RR. United Kingdom
. Company no. 04396340 , and
Spectra America, 11730 Oregon Blvd., Reno, Nevada 89506, USA.

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